YEMA renews Official Partnership with French Air Force


Inspired by the legendary Superman Heritage, the French Air Force models have been redesigned jointly with French Air Force so as to meet the requirements of their diver rescuers and fighter pilots personnel, hence the dual SEA-AIR features of these unique military tool watches.

Available in both black PVD and Steel case, the Superman French Air Force is equipped with YEMA's in-house caliber MBP1000 and features a matt black dial printed with "French Air Force" logo and the colored national insignia at 6 o'clock.

These 2 models are proposed as a Collector's Edition limited to 1,948 timepieces each, delivered in a French Air Force branded leather travel case and the official pilot watch canvas strap in addition to the original steel bracelet. Available for pre-order as from Monday April 20th at yema.com.

Discover in detail the new Superman French Air Force models

YEMA Superman French Air Force Black Limited Edition


Quartz Version >>

YEMA Superman French Air Force Steel Limited Edition


Quartz version >>


To thank and honor all those who served honorably in the French Air Force military, we express appreciation by donating up to 12.5% of sales to the official French Veterans Foundation (FOSA).

HISTORIC Collaboration

The historic collaboration between France's Air Force and YEMA started in the early 1970s through the design of one of the first Superman models to equip a special operations elite team of rescue divers.

The most recent collaboration dates from 2017 through which a Superman model was made exclusively available to French Air Force fighter pilots and personnel.

With this new partnership, France's Air Force envisions all-round, reliable and perfectly readable military tool watches to equip all their staff, from fighter pilots to rescue divers and ground personnel such as technicians and mechanics.

The Limited Edition models will be made available in priority to France's Air Force personnel but also to the general public.


YEMA's signature #TimeofHeroes dates from 1970. It reflects the history and values of the brand and what it stands for. It tells the adventures of remarkable sportsmen and explorers who have achieved the extraordinary under the most extreme conditions, with a YEMA watch on their wrists. YEMA was the first French watch sent into space. the first French diving watch going under 300m, first French watch on a North Pole pedestrian trek and the official watch of France's Air Force One pilots and renown transatlantic sailing champions.


Since 1948 YEMA designs sports watches specifically for Diving, Car Racing, Aviation and Sailing. Our workshops are based in the town of Morteau at the heart of France’s watch craftsmanship region, in a secluded valley in the Jura mountains just a few miles away from Switzerland’s La Chaux-de-Fonds. YEMA is run by a third generation watchmakers‘ family with a team averaging +30 years of service. Design, prototyping and assembling is manually and precisely taken care of at our workshops by highly experienced French traditional watchmakers.

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