YEMA's workshops are based in the small town of Morteau in France, surrounded by extensive pine forests in a secluded valley in the Jura mountains. YEMA is run by a third generation watchmakers‘ family of Morteau with a small scale team averaging +30 years of service.

Design, prototyping and assembling is manually and precisely taken care of at our Morteau workshops by highly experienced French traditional watchmakers.


Traditional French watchmaking goes back more than six hundred years but it is in the 17th century that it takes off in Franche-Comté, a French region in the Jura mountains, just a few miles away from Switzerland. In the 19th century, Franche-Comté was the world capital of fine watchmaking.

Watchmaking was first and foremost a meticulous craft practiced in winter as a supplementary activity by farmers living in the Jura mountains. Today the watchmaking activity takes on an industrial scale with historical Franche-Comté brands like Yema that has maintained itself by specialising in luxury and high-precision mechanics.


YEMA, the legendary watchmaking brand created in 1948 by Henry Louis Belmont has developed a distinct fine watchmaking expertise over the years. Today YEMA is the image of qualitative French watchmaking. Reliability and performance characterise the brand's legacy.

After an investment of more than € 3 million and 4 years of Research & Development in 2011, Yema releases its in-house self-winding mechanical movement, the MBP1000, which is entirely designed, developed and assembled at our Morteau workshops in France.

Equipped with a bidirectional oscillating mass mounted on a ball bearing rotating in both directions, it guarantees a quick spring winding and a 45-hour power reserve. To this efficiency gain is added precision, provided by a regulator whose balance beats at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour.

The stones total 31 rubies of which 2 located at the ends of the axis of the barrel: A technical choice to effectively reduce the friction generally observed at this mechanical movement's element. 

Our in-house caliber has easily passed the so-called "Guillotine" test, which exposes the movement's mechanism to a series of shocks and guarantees its solidity and well functioning under stressful conditions.